Industry-leading LCxLC Software

GC Image LCxLC Edition Software is a multi-featured package for visualizing, analyzing, and processing data produced by comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography. The LCxLC Software package includes three programs:

  • LC Image for analysis, visualization, and reporting on individual LCxLC chromatograms.
  • LC Project for managing projects with multiple LCxLC runs/injections.
  • Image Investigator for automated and interactive multivariate analyses multi-sample datasets for sample classification, fingerprinting, and marker compound discovery.

GC Image and Agilent Technologies partner on development of LCxLC solutions, including the Agilent 1290 Infinity II 2D-LC system and a few technical reports:

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GC Image LCxLC Edition Software also supports reading LCxLC data from Shimadzu and ABSciex systems.