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Maintenance Package 2020R1.2 Now Available

Posted: December 31st, 2020, 11:37 am
by qtao
GC Image and LC Image Version 2020R1.2 include critical bug fixes and improvements over previous 2020 releases.

  • Tools - Analyze Blobs' Loadings Matrix table now can be sorted and saved
  • Configure - New Remove button for the profile file path in Image Attributes

Bug Fixes:
  • I/O - Export Profile to Centroid resulted an image with wrong phase shift
  • I/O - Import with pixel parameter failed with exception if Modulation Period field is empty
  • Processing - Extract Ion Peak with some Ion Area filter did not advance the progress bar as expected
  • Processing - Extract Ion Peak with a CLIC filter 'SNR>50' did not work as expected on a TIC-baseline-corrected chromatogram
  • UI - Enter invalid value to Extract Ion Peaks' Ion Sample Interval field results in unexpected value
  • CLIC - Edit a CLIC column did not show error for ill-formatted expression as adding a CLIC column
  • CLIC - Could not add a CLIC column to Blob Table if there is no blob
  • CLIC - Wrong function name in the help description of 'COPYSIGN'
  • RI - Import RI table behave inconsistently on the open path
  • Edit - Uncaught exception when set Close flag on a template polygon or rectangle area object
  • Configure - Image Attributes - Unnecessary warning when changing current directory during setting the profile file path
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