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Maintenance Package 2020R1.1 Now Available

Posted: September 22nd, 2020, 1:05 pm
by qtao
GC Image and LC Image Version 2020R1.1 include critical bug fixes and improvements over previous 2020 releases.

  • Library Search - Support for the NIST20 Mass Spectral Library and Search Software
Bug Fixes:
  • Library Search - Some special characters in compound names were displayed incorrectly in hit lists
  • Library Search - MS/MS Search might show a wrong Library
  • Library Search - MS/MS search returned results different from Interactive search for NIST17
  • Library Search - Batch search returned hit order different from Interactive search with NIST17 if two hits have the same match factors
  • Library Search - Interactive search threw exception when hit list name contains ">>"
  • RI - Could not set to Linear after setting to Polynomial function
  • Investigator - Auto Feature reported an I/O error at the wrong step if no reliable peak found
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Re: Maintenance Package 2020R1.1.1 Now Available

Posted: October 6th, 2020, 2:01 pm
by qtao
The following bug caused by some property settings missing from version 2020r1 and 2020r1.1 installers was discovered.
  • Processing - Blob Detection failed on chromatograms acquired with variable modulation or by non-comprehensive modes [I-965]
Maintenance Package 2020R1.1.1 including the fix is now available for GC Image and LC Image here.