Maintenance Package R2.3 Update b2 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.3 Update b2 Now Available

Post by qtao » November 16th, 2012, 11:49 am

GC Image Release 2.3b2 includes improvements and bug fixes accumulated over previous R2.3 releases.

  • Better and consistent menu labels, column names, and documentation for computed statistics in Image Investigator
Bug Fixes:
  • Overflow when importing a ChemStation CH file (6890A type) with very high response values
    (Note: This bug also exists in all R2.2 or older versions. For users of these old versions who are affected by this bug, please contact us to request a fix.)
  • LSC, mzData, and mzXML file types supported by GC Image were not supported by GC Project
  • Wrong group color or description was set when loading a template with multiple peak groups
  • Process Runs with a method in GC Project ran more processing steps than what defined in the method
  • Auto Process with a sequence table in GC Project did not work with ChemStation .D folders
  • Wrong SIZE I values were reported for wrap-around blobs in Blob Table
  • Wrong spectrum name was submitted to NIST Library when searching library from MS Viewer with single window setting set
  • The order of compounds shown in Image Investigator depended on the sorting order for Blob Table by accident
  • Attributes PCA and Scatter plots in Image Investigator threw exceptions when configuring columns on an empty data table
  • Wrong I/O error was reported when an empty hit list returned by library search
  • Skip baseline correction did not report fatal errors to users
  • Could not view html reports in a project on a network drive
  • Recent Images menu was wrong after saving images with the same file name but different casing
  • Missing resource reported when configuring too many attributes for Blob Mouse-Overs
  • Summary Report's Select Images dialog in GC Project did not resize correctly
  • Data Type list of Sequence Table in GC Project was not up-to-date
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