Maintenance Package R2.2 Update b5 Now Available

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Maintenance Package R2.2 Update b5 Now Available

Post by qtao » October 23rd, 2012, 10:45 am

GC Image Release 2.2b5 includes critical bug fixes over previous R2.2 releases.

Note: This is the last scheduled maintenance package for R2.2. If you encounter a critical bug in R2.2, please contact us.

Bug Fixes:
  • TIC values changed after correct baseline only on TIC, shift phase, save and reopen a MS image
  • TIC in the CDF file was not updated after baseline correction and save a MS image
  • Failed to add a projection line for a MS range in 1D View when a blob is selected
  • Edit Vial Table in GC Project and then cancel cleared the dirty status of a modified project
  • Tabbing into Amount Table in GC Project caused infinite loop

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